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Raven Eve Jewelry: Awesome Art Nouveau Headdresses

Aww what an amazing discovery! :)

Raven Eve Jewelry is a store based in Detroit (USA) that features an awesome collection of dramatic looking fantasy headpieces and wesome Art Nouveau Head pieces, that look as if they're out of Mucha´s painting (one of my favorite illustrators). They look so rich in detail and so well done, if you are a lover of this style and have a romantic nostalgia for Mucha´s paintings you're going to love this.

And not only that... but also ear cuffs and other jewelry.  including the most amazing brass nail-rings, they look so  wild, perfect for  the Sorceress,  Dragon, Vampire or Werewolf alter ego.


Aww Didn´t I mention like a trillion times that "labyrinth" is one of my favorite movies? Here´s a gorgeous  ear cuff piece made of brass filigree with  chains and glass beads, inspired in Sarah hair Jewelry during the Ball Room scene


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