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Posh Fairytale Couture: amazing fantasy headpieces

Above: Gorgeous headpiece (and despite size very light) made of hand-dried leaves entwined over faux vines. 

Posh  Fairytale Couture  is a store that specialized in massive, stunning headpieces, great for show-girls, Burlesque, Mardi Grass, fantasy conventions and even Drag Queens.   They are made by artist, designer and crafter Rachel Sigmon. Though pieces are obvious custom-made and one of a kind items you can sometimes order a similar one in their etsy store. I wish I was wealthy enough to commission a few, but given the size and amount of materials used in each of them ranging from feathers to free horns, I think the price though it might be considered a bit elevated at first sight is more than fair. These are striking and unique items that calls for placement in alternative shows and high couture. And thus I've simpled picked a few examples of a collection that never fails to amaze.

Below: cyber-futuristic  tribal headpiece in stunning silver-metal color

As they're custom made, except for some times ready to ship, custom orders take a while to be made. Though massive they're meant to be comfortable, and safe to wear. 

All items and shipped from Germany.

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