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Fringe element "Scoodies" (scarf+hoodies) furry, warm and cozy

Fringe Element (Far out fashion) is a little etsy store  run by crafter Alicia St. Rose that makes   "Scoodie"style fake fun fur hats. It's a scarf and it's a hoodie thus the name "scoodie".
Warm, soft, cozy and quite edgy, they`re not only useful but also have a touch of "wild" (reminds me a bit to the movie "Where the wild things are").They are reversible, so most of the time you get two looks for the price of one, as some have wisps in one side of the fur.  one important note is that they 're made of soft polyester and acrylic faux fur (good not animal is involved!! and can look equally wild and tribal). One size fits all and you can see below how it beautifully will frame your face. Sometimes a simple idea can be so nice looking and useful at the same time, I'm sure you'll love to have one of these when winter approaches.

white scoodiegrey faux fur hood

Above you can see my favorite ones because of the natural colors chosen, a winter white  and a wolvish grey... I wouldn't be able to choose among these too, maybe would give up to a complete  fur white artic wolvish  one... (maybe cos I'm a blonde and would look viking on me !!)She seems to have many fur samples, so if you want a custom color probably you can get it done... This one is really cute too for brunettes!

You can  also find some other more daring and "fun" colors more suitable for informal faery wear :) like this green with brown :)
green furry hood

You can network also in their facebook website.


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