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Alley cat scratch: a resource for the perfect lotr costume

The next link has to be one of the most amazing fantasy costuming sites in the internet.  Alley Cat Scratch costume is a mega data base of movie costume documentations, studying and research in great detail from famous movies gowns models and designers, providing write-ups and will help you to create your own replica. If you're intending to dress like ANY of the characters from The lord of the rings movie, or inspired by Tolkien works. We want you to recommend you to visit Alley. They've studied about the costumes from fabric to patterns to metalwork.

From hobbits to elves, covering not only the gowns and garments, but also cloaks,  headresses, wigs, leather-work, shoes, belts and even make up tutorials to make you look a lotr character. They have a community to get feedback, keep you up to date with costume exhibits in different areas, and also cover dresses patterns, sewing tips  and tutorials of other movies, fantasy and sci-fi and futuristic, but being their pivotal focus in lord of the rings movies. A must see... for those ones good at crafts, and also for those ones not so but in need of ideas, from very easy to be done to things that are for those with good hands...! Bookmark for reference, it's an awesome site.



#1 Ah, yes, I know that site :)

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Ah, yes, I know that site :) I take ideas for my drawings from there if I need info in special details such as shoes or embroidery :) a veritable treasure chest!


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