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Seasons of the Earth: Renaissance clothing and lovely underbust cinchers

Above: Renaissance Bridal Gown by "Seasons of the Earth"

Seasons of the Earth is a store run by clothing designer Kim Cabassa Cresson, a place where mystery and magic are found in the elements of nature, but aside of Renaissance clothing you will find also tons of accessories like  , cauldrons, candles, lotions, homemade soaps, bath & body incense, jewelry and oils. In their own words "Seasons of the Earth has found a way to unlock the gates that stand between this world and the land of the fey. " Her clothing designs are inspired in Renaissance, Victorian and Romance of Era, and even have a spice for goth. The outfits are handmade by her and some need to be done to your measure. She also makes Renaissance Bridal fashion with some awesome examples of delicate work ideal  to be the fairy queen for your "special" day. And be sure you check the stores because there are some lovely chemises, pirate garments and the most delicious  underbust cinchers and corsets.


Seasons of the Earth  also have a store in Ebay where you can also see lots of listings of ready to go items so you can wear and "smell" like a fairy.

Above: super cute Green Fairy outfit with gypsy chemise and tattered skirt :)

She also makes custom  hooded capes made of suede fabric, for a very affordable price and you can order in a variety of colors and sizes , white would be awesome for a Snow Queen or Wedding gown!

Above: Cloak idea for outdoor Renaissance events

If you have any doubt you can network with the crafter  Kim Cabassa Cresson self   or the official facebook Seasons of the Earth profile, or  simply contact through the official site, she will be willing to assist you in the kindest way.



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