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Hedgiefelt: warm and cozy pixie felt fashion

Above: cute autumn-coloured brown felt bodice made by Hedgiefelt. I love it! It´s very pixie!


Felt feels always so natural and organic...I confess I have a weakness for this material (to the point I even tried to felt yarn myself with not such a great success) because there is something rough and unprocessed  and raw in it that I actually love.  It feels warm and cozy too.

Hedgiefelt is a store based in Lithuania that specializes in  high quality handmade felt-made clothing and accessories. Made in nature-inspired colours and showcasing some lovely patterns combining felt with some other materials like silk, the collection is elegant (even f some white lovely gowns for daring alternative brides that want to opt for something "less classical"), but overall keeping that pixie, ragged, organic vibe that usually goes along with felt-fashion.

Lovely pixief felt white dress


They also run a blog but it´s in their native language, still you may want to have a look with translators just to see already made pieces and previous works :)

Below, an absolutely GORGEOUS black felt dress by Hedgie felt. I'd love this in ivory or greens. They look so elegant and comfortable.

Official blog:


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