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Fairy fashion show at Avalon Faery Ball video

Up above you can see an example of the outstanding garments shown at the last 2012 Avalon Faery Ball (UK) so you can see how some striking and inspiring fairy garments. Looks like it was all extremely fun.

Headpieces and Costumes by Ghoulia's Peculiars
At the Avalon Faery Ball
Models: Cecile Dubuis, Tara Welsman, Felicity Fyr Le Fay, Atalanta Bluff, Jay Tree Pixie & Megan Letticica.
Choreography: Felicity Fyr Le Fay, Acrobat & Dancer
Music: Lullaby & The Wolf by Fever Ray.
Lighting: Stuart Carr Gloworm Event Lighting
Videos: Freya Woodward & Alyson Brewer.
Video Editing: Michael Tingle

And a big thank you to the Newman family for their love and encouragement.


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