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Miss Violet Lace: High quality cosplay wigs

Miss Violet sale is a store specialized in cosplay wigs and extensions. At Miss Violet Lace you will find high quality wigs, hair extensions and hair pieces. Indie, scene, emo, cosplay, hipster and lolita styles. She has listings in Ebay and also in Etsy. Crafter Krista Komis can alter and redesign by hand Cosplay wigs making them look so natural. I found a lovely selection of natural colours, I particularly loved all the shades of red from auburn to ginger she has listed but she also gets into lolita and pastel coloured japanese style (kawaii!!!!).  Also some lovely ones with shades of blues and greens if you are more into "mermaid" mood. Some natural looking, and some strikingly daring :)

Above: long curly luscious brown wig with golden accents, perfect for a medieval or renaissance princess! :) <3

Above: Spicy Ginger Lolita wig, curly and natural looking. A perfect fit if you want to cosplay Merida from "Brave" movie. (check our article about Merida)

She has some lovely hair extensions too, in different hues and colours, synthetic fiber or human hair, curly or straight, you pick what you want, like these lovely mermaid curly extensions (human hair) perfect for mermaid or dryads. And also some "bangs" clips with colour blends that are super cute (for girls like me that don't dare to cut a fringe)

You can network with Miss Violet Lace in facebook for new products announcements, special offers and more.



She also has a  youtube channel showing proper care of the wigs and even how she alter the stylings of some of them.
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