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a touch of light in your hair! GLOWBYs fiberoptic light

Glowbys are a fiberoptic sparkling hair light. They come in different colours and consist of a clip with a flat black barrette that contains two tiny batteries (CR1620), which last about 7-8 hours before getting dim. The barrette is a little bit hard to hide though the manufacturers (luminence) offers too some models with that covered with crystals. In my opinion if you want them to be unnoticed the simple option is best, and then with an easy "slide" movement you can turn them on and off.
So far I have a few myself in different colours, the "white" ones look a little bit "pale blue" and not strictly white, but still I think white and purple are the best, the other are maybe a little bit "too festive" for me, although as I say, there is a moment for everything, and you might want to be just precisely that. They're funny and cheap, really worth a try... they're ideal for parties, concerts, and dark places because they really look cool in the darkness... But do not abuse... or you will look like a christmas tree!
You can purchase both the GLOWBYs and its batteries from ebay very easily! Click on this link or on any of the pictures.

fiberoptic sparkling hair glowby fiberoptic hair light


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