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Euro Steam-con: European and Barcelona Steampunk convention 2012

Next 29th and 30th of September Europe celebrates a Steampunk convention and several countries will participate making gatherings of steampunk lovers in different locations and cities, many of them will even connect among themselves broadcasting online their events. In this site you can find some info about the event EuroSteamCon and EuroSteamCon (facebook). This is the first attempt of a global continental celebration in this genre of fantasy :) and we´re really looking forward the results. Looks also like a lovely way of different countries steampunk-lovers to get in touch.

So here a snippet of some of the people and garments you will find next 29th of September around my area (Barcelona, Spain). This is the flyer of  the activities and a trailer/reel of the participants in my local area (that I'll be attending myself ;-)). But check your location to find the nearest steampunk convention/gathering


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